About TJ

duAspiring writer, part time web designer, full time sales executive and all the time husband and father of three (I also homebrew). I love college basketball (a lot), RPGs (the gaming kind, not the rocket kind) and Patrick Rothfuss (platonically, of course). My favorite ice cream flavor is Butter Pecan (usually). I enjoy the excessive use of parenthesis (obviously). I believe God made bacon unhealthy intentionally, because¬† if He didn’t, we would never eat anything else. (I hold that truth to be self evident)

I started writing because the voices in my head wouldn’t shut up about it. Giving in only made it worse. (No it didn’t) [Yes it did]

I blog about my generally flailing attempts at breaking in as a writer of fiction, with a smattering of social commentary. I’m even occasionally insightful (though generally not here).

If I think of something more interesting (and likely fictitious) about myself, I will add it, along with a cool logo, custom animation and a snappy soundtrack (James Earl Jones will do the voice-over). Until then, let your curiosity run wild.


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